Frequently Asked Questions

All our cakes are designed around your requirements. Our prices depend on the size of cake and final design requirements. This depends on the amount of work and materials involved in creating your cake. We put a lot of work into our cakes to create something that is special to you which can mean they are very labour intensive.

A lot of people will say that it is just a cake or expensive for a cake but we hand sculpt and paint the cakes with intricate detail which is more of an art form and requires a high amount of skill. This means we can provide something that many other cake artists can’t create and the quality and craftsmanship is reflected in the price.

We are happy to design around budgets for you but this can restrict what is possible with your cake.

This all depends on if we have availability for your required date.

We can get wedding cakes being booked up many years in advance for someones special day and we do get people coming to us a week before a cake is needed and it can be rare that we do have availability but sometimes we do.

We urge people to book up as soon as possible to make sure we have availability. Although we do sometimes have gaps in our orders and still urge you to get in touch to see if we can help.

With wedding cakes our busy times are usually from April – September and we urge people to book around a year in advance where possible.

We offer free delivery within 10 mile radius of our unit in Stocksfield then ask for a small charge depending on mileage covered after this. Where possible we would always advise for us to deliver for you as some of our creations can be very delicate and difficult to transport.

With wedding cakes we would always deliver and set up the cakes to make sure it arrives in perfect condition for your perfect day.

It is our responsibility to make sure your cake arrives safely.

Where do you deliver to?

Where as the majority of our orders are across the North East, Borders and Cumbria, we can deliver nationwide. This is always done by ourselves and we never use any kind of other delivery  service for this. This is down to if a courier damages your cake it is beyond our control to fix it for you. Couriers will also not take as much care with your special delivery. Because of this our longer delivery orders can have an expensive charge to cover diesel and mileage. This cost also covers our time for delivering which may sometimes take a whole day.

We would never directly copy a cake as this is at the end of the day their design. We would also hope that other cake companies wouldn’t copy our designs.

We can take inspiration from designs you have seen and would usually redesign the cake to fit your requirements and ideas pulling everything together into a fluid design for you.

In short no! A cake supplied by a friend or relative would not be to the standard or requirements of our own cakes and in most cases would incur much more work to be able to fix. Also any problems with the cakes themselves would reflect badly on us as a company.

We can however supply toppers and decorating elements made from sugar and chocolate for your own cakes including edible prints.

We make the cakes as fresh as possible and decorate it as close to your required day as we can.

We usually cover the majority of our cakes with white chocolate ganache. This helps with shaping and adds a nice creamy taste to the cake. It also helps to seal the sponge cake and protect it against drying out.

Once the cake is cut and if it hasn’t all been gobbled up we advise to keep it in and air tight container in a cool dry place. If doing this your cake should last for a week maybe two.

Don’t store the cake in the fridge. The condensation will make any fondant go very sticky and can effect the cake itself.